“Is that a copy of Knuth?” She homes in on the top shelf. “Hang on — volume four? But he only finished the first three volumes in that series! Volume four’s been overdue for the past twenty years!”
“Yup.” I nod, smugly. Whoever she’s dating won’t have anything like that on his shelves. “We — or the Black Chamber — have a little agreement with him; he doesn’t publish volume four of The Art of Computer Programming, and they don’t render him metabolically challenged. At least, he doesn’t publish it to the public; it’s the one with the Turing-Lovecraft Theorem in it. Phase Conjugate Grammars for Extra-dimensional Summoning. This is a very limited edition — numbered and classified.”
“That’s —” she frowns. “May I borrow it? To read?”
“You’re on the inside now; just don’t leave it on the bus.”

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